1. Alarming
2. Appalling
3. Disquieting
4. Disconcerting
5. Disturbing
6. Nerve-racking
7. Perplexing
8. Precarious
9. Provoking
10. Puzzling
11. Queer
12. Questionable
13. Refractory
14. Reluctant
15. Restive
16. Suspicious
17. Unsettling
18. Uneasy
19. Unnerving
20. Unwelcome
21. Worrying
22. Disagreeable
23. Dubious
24. Fishy
25. Opprobrious
26. Repugnant
27. Repulsive
28. Troublous
29. Unfavorable
30. Unpleasant

When searching for different words to express the concept of «troubling», there are a variety of synonyms available. From alarming and appalling to disquieting and disconcerting, there are many terms that can be used to describe a troubling situation. Additionally, nerve-racking, perplexing, precarious, provoking, and puzzling are all great ideas for other words for troubling. For the best ideas, one might consider refractory, reluctant, restive, suspicious, unsettling, uneasy, unnerving, unwelcome, or worrying. No matter the synonym chosen, it is important to select the one that best captures the essence of the troubling situation.