Synonyms for «TREES»:

1. Plants
2. Shrubs
3. Bushes
4. Vegetation
5. Flora
6. Greenery
7. Saplings
8. Woody plants
9. Evergreens
10. Conifers
11. Broadleaf trees
12. Palms
13. Pines
14. Cedars
15. Spruces
16. Oaks
17. Maples
18. Elms
19. Poplars
20. Willows
21. Larch
22. Cedars
23. Birches
24. Alders
25. Aspens
26. Yews
27. Firs
28. Junipers
29. Hackberries
30. Mulberries

When looking for other words for «TREES», the best ideas are to look for synonyms that describe the various types of trees. Plants, shrubs, bushes, and vegetation are all terms that could be used to describe trees. Evergreens, conifers, broadleaf trees, palms, pines, cedars, spruces, oaks, maples, elms, poplars, willows, larch, cedars, birches, alders, aspens, yews, firs, junipers, hackberries, and mulberries are all examples of specific types of trees. Each of these terms can be used to describe a tree in a more specific way. Knowing the different types of trees and the different terms used to describe them can be incredibly helpful when discussing or writing about trees.