1. Accord
2. Agreement
3. Pact
4. Convention
5. Protocol
6. Covenant
7. Charter
8. Compact
9. Entente
10. Alliance
11. Concord
12. Arrangement
13. Settlement
14. Convention
15. Statute
16. Protocol
17. Edict
18. Decree
19. Compact
20. Concordat
21. Dictum
22. Compact
23. Convention
24. Protocol
25. Understanding
26. Accordance
27. Agreement
28. Decree
29. Edict
30. Concord

When searching for alternative words for the word ‘treaty’, it is important to consider the best ideas and options available. There are many synonyms for ‘treaty’, such as ‘accord’, ‘agreement’, ‘pact’, ‘convention’, ‘protocol’, ‘covenant’, ‘charter’, ‘compact’, ‘entente’, ‘alliance’, ‘concord’, ‘arrangement’, ‘settlement’, ‘convention’, ‘statute’, ‘protocol’, ‘edict’, ‘decree’, ‘compact’, ‘concordat’, ‘dictum’, ‘compact’, ‘convention’, ‘protocol’, ‘understanding’, ‘accordance’, ‘agreement’, ‘decree’, and ‘edict’. Depending on the context, some words may be more appropriate than others. For example, if the treaty is a legal document, words such as ‘covenant’, ‘charter’, ‘statute’, or ‘edict’ may be more suitable than ‘agreement’ or ‘understanding’. Ultimately, the best synonym for ‘treaty’ will depend on the context in which it is used.