1. Remedy
2. Cure
3. Medication
4. Therapy
5. Intervention
6. Cure-all
7. Prescription
8. Regimen
9. Process
10. Cure
11. Formula
12. Manipulation
13. Application
14. Adjustment
15. Adjustment
16. Aid
17. Procedure
18. Operation
19. Solution
20. Relief
21. Care
22. Restorative
23. Manipulation
24. Usage
25. Administration
26. Regimen
27. Method
28. Procession
29. Technique
30. Regime

When trying to find the best ideas for treatments, it is important to look for synonyms of the word. Other words for treatment include remedy, cure, medication, therapy, intervention, cure-all, prescription, regimen, process, formula, manipulation, application, adjustment, aid, procedure, operation, solution, relief, care, restorative, manipulation, usage, administration, regimen, method, procession, technique, and regime. Finding the right treatment for a specific situation can be difficult, but understanding the different synonyms for the word can help to make the process easier. Knowing the different synonyms for treatment can also help to broaden the range of options available when looking for the best solution.