1. Wayfarers
2. Tourists
3. Voyagers
4. Wanderers
5. Adventurers
6. Explorers
7. Trekkers
8. Vagabonds
9. Pilgrims
10. Roamers
11. Excursionists
12. Trekkers
13. Nomads
14. Voyageurs
15. Vagrants
16. Sightseers
17. Journeying
18. Peripatetics
19. Hikers
20. Vagrants
21. Itinerants
22. Globetrotters
23. Rovers
24. Trekking
25. Excursionists
26. Trekkers
27. Jaunt
28. Pilgrimages
29. Expedition
30. Expeditionists

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