1. Wallachia
2. Banat
3. Maramures
4. Oltenia
5. Crișana
6. Bucovina
7. Moldavia
8. Sălaj
9. Crisana
10. Muntenia
11. Transdanubia
12. Transylvania
13. Transalpina
14. Somesul Mic
15. Banatul Montan
16. Târnavelor
17. Partium
18. Câmpia de Vest
19. Transilvania
20. Transilvania Mare
21. Transilvania Românească
22. Transilvania Ardeleană
23. Transilvania Secuilor
24. Transilvania Maghiară
25. Transilvania Germană
26. Transilvania Săsânească
27. Transilvania de Nord
28. Transilvania de Sud
29. Transilvania de Est
30. Transilvania de Vest

Are you looking for other words for Transylvania? Transylvania is a region in central and western Romania. It is often referred to as the land beyond the forest. It is a historical region with a rich cultural heritage. The best way to explore Transylvania is to take a journey through its many different regions, each with its own unique identity. From Wallachia and Banat to Maramures and Oltenia, there are plenty of other words for Transylvania that can be used to describe its beauty and culture. From Crișana and Bucovina to Moldavia and Sălaj, each region has its own unique history and culture. From Transdanubia and Transylvania to Transalpina and Somesul Mic, each region has its own unique identity. There are also many other words for Transylvania such as Banatul Montan, Târnavelor, Partium, and Câmpia de Vest. Whether you’re looking for the best ideas to explore Transylvania or just searching for other words for Transylvania, these synonyms can help you get the most out of your journey.