1. Conveyed
2. Transferred
3. Carried
4. Shipped
5. Moved
6. Relocated
7. Exported
8. Imported
9. Ferried
10. Flown
11. Dispatched
12. Transported
13. Transmitted
14. Translated
15. Transferred
16. Transported
17. Transported
18. Relocated
19. Transported
20. Hauled
21. Towed
22. Conveyed
23. Shipped
24. Transported
25. Transferred
26. Transported
27. Carried
28. Moved
29. Exported
30. Imported

Finding the right synonym for the word “transported” can be difficult. Whether you’re trying to find the best ideas for a creative writing project or simply looking for other words to use in everyday conversation, there are plenty of synonyms available. Here are some of the best ideas for synonyms for the word “transported”: conveyed, transferred, carried, shipped, moved, relocated, exported, imported, ferried, flown, dispatched, transmitted, translated, transferred, transported, relocated, transported, hauled, towed, conveyed, shipped, transported, transferred, transported, carried, moved, exported, and imported. With these thirty synonyms, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from to express yourself in the perfect way.