1. Disseminator
2. Emitter
3. Sender
4. Broadcaster
5. Announcer
6. Transceiver
7. Transponder
8. Relay
9. Conveyor
10. Transporter
11. Dispatcher
12. Propagator
13. Transferer
14. Translator
15. Communicator
16. Transmitter
17. Emissary
18. Disperser
19. Transducer
20. Transmitter-Receiver
21. Transmitter-Responder
22. Transmitter-Repeater
23. Transmitter-Relay
24. Transmitter-Transponder
25. Transmitter-Transceiver
26. Transmitter-Conveyor
27. Transmitter-Translator
28. Transmitter-Communicator
29. Transmitter-Emissary
30. Transmitter-Disperser

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