1. Sent
2. Disseminated
3. Propagated
4. Shared
5. Circulated
6. Conveyed
7. Spread
8. Transferred
9. Dispatched
10. Conveyed
11. Disbursed
12. Distributed
13. Transferred
14. Handed
15. Divulged
16. Announced
17. Transported
18. Communicated
19. Transmitted
20. Dispersed
21. Transmitted
22. Proclaimed
23. Transfused
24. Imparted
25. Disclosed
26. Transmitted
27. Transmitted
28. Transmitted
29. Transmitted
30. Transmitted

When you are looking for the best ideas and other words for “transmitted”, there are plenty of synonyms that can be used. These synonyms include words such as sent, disseminated, propagated, shared, circulated, conveyed, spread, transferred, dispatched, conveyed, disbursed, distributed, transferred, handed, divulged, announced, transported, communicated, transmitted, dispersed, proclaimed, transfused, imparted, disclosed, and transmitted. These words are perfect for when you are looking for a way to express the idea of transmitting without using the same word over and over again. They can help to add variety to your writing and help to make your writing more interesting.