1. Vagabond
2. Drifter
3. Hobo
4. Vagrant
5. Wanderer
6. Stroller
7. Beggar
8. Homeless person
9. Itinerant
10. Migrant
11. Roamer
12. Rover
13. Floater
14. Outcast
15. Wayfarer
16. Rambler
17. Transient
18. Hobo
19. Stray
20. Hobo
21. Down-and-out
22. Bum
23. Stiff
24. Mooch
25. Freeloader
26. Pauper
27. Scrounger
28. Cadger
29. Riffraff
30. Gypsy

When searching for other words for tramp, the best ideas can be found in a thesaurus or online dictionary. Synonyms for tramp can range from vagabond to cadger, with many words in between. For a more comprehensive list, one can look to thesaurus websites or dictionary apps. These resources can provide a wide range of words to choose from, with many options for different contexts. Additionally, many online resources will offer definitions and examples of usage for each word. This can help to ensure that the correct word is chosen for the context in which it is being used.