1. Locomotive
2. Engine
3. Railway
4. Carriage
5. Coach
6. Express
7. Freight
8. Subway
9. Metro
10. Tube
11. Trolley
12. Tram
13. Monorail
14. Bullet
15. Bullet Train
16. Light Rail
17. Diesel
18. Electric
19. Commuter
20. Shinkansen
21. Streamliner
22. Caboose
23. Cart
24. Wagon
25. Truck
26. Vehicle
27. Chariot
28. Cogwheel
29. Gondola
30. Funicular

Looking for synonyms for the word “train”? Here are some of the best ideas for other words for “train”. Locomotive, engine, railway, carriage, coach, express, freight, subway, metro, tube, trolley, tram, monorail, bullet, bullet train, light rail, diesel, electric, commuter, shinkansen, streamliner, caboose, cart, wagon, truck, vehicle, chariot, cogwheel, gondola, and funicular are all different synonyms for “train”. Depending on the context, some of these words may be better suited than others. For example, the word “tram” is more commonly used in Europe than in North America, while “subway” is more often used in cities. If you’re looking for a word to describe a high-speed train, “shinkansen” or “bullet train” might be better options. In any case, there are plenty of options for synonyms of “train”, so you’re sure to find the right word for your needs.