1. Conventional
2. Established
3. Historic
4. Ancestral
5. Customary
6. Habitual
7. Timeless
8. Long-standing
9. Old-fashioned
10. Familiar
11. Time-honored
12. Estimable
13. Respected
14. Classical
15. Orthodox
16. Conformist
17. Formal
18. Consecrated
19. Consecrated
20. Habitual
21. Regular
22. Prescribed
23. Established
24. Ceremonial
25. Habitual
26. Conventional
27. Stereotyped
28. Ritual
29. Habitual
30. Patriarchal

Looking for the perfect words to express the traditional aspects of a project or event? The best ideas often come from the most traditional sources. Synonyms for the word “traditional” can help you find the right words to express your ideas. From “conventional” to “patriarchal”, there are numerous other words for “traditional” that can help you capture the essence of your project or event. Whether you are looking for a timeless phrase or a classical term, these synonyms for traditional are sure to provide you with the perfect words to express your ideas.