1. Washer
2. Cloth
3. Rag
4. Piece of cloth
5. Handkerchief
6. Linen
7. Napkin
8. Dishcloth
9. Duster
10. Dishrag
11. Dishtowel
12. Cleaner
13. Sponge
14. Chamois
15. Shammy
16. Shammy leather
17. Towelling
18. Washcloth
19. Wiper
20. Cloth for wiping
21. Cloth for cleaning
22. Cloth for drying
23. Cloth for scrubbing
24. Towellette
25. Tea towel
26. Flannel
27. Terrycloth
28. Terry towel
29. Terry
30. Towelling cloth

When you are looking for another word for «towel», there are many great ideas to consider. Synonyms for towel include washer, cloth, rag, piece of cloth, handkerchief, linen, napkin, dishcloth, duster, dishrag, dishtowel, cleaner, sponge, chamois, shammy, shammy leather, towelling, washcloth, wiper, cloth for wiping, cloth for cleaning, cloth for drying, cloth for scrubbing, towellette, tea towel, flannel, terrycloth, terry towel, terry, and towelling cloth. If you are searching for the best ideas for synonyms for towel, these are some of the top choices.