1. Mainsail
2. Flag
3. Spanker
4. Uppermost sail
5. Topgallant
6. Jib
7. Gaff
8. Staysail
9. Mizzen
10. Mainmast
11. Flying jib
12. Foremast
13. Bowsprit
14. Spritsail
15. Boom
16. Fore-and-aft sail
17. Skysail
18. Forecourse
19. Foresail
20. Driver
21. Jigger
22. Foresheet
23. Spinnaker
24. Mainstay
25. Mizzenmast
26. Mainsheet
27. Topmast
28. Foretopmast
29. Foretopsail
30. Maintop

When it comes to finding the best synonyms for the word «topsail», there are plenty of ideas to choose from. Synonyms for «topsail» include mainsail, flag, spanker, uppermost sail, topgallant, jib, gaff, staysail, mizzen, mainmast, flying jib, foremast, bowsprit, spritsail, boom, fore-and-aft sail, skysail, forecourse, foresail, driver, jigger, foresheet, spinnaker, mainstay, mizzenmast, mainsheet, topmast, foretopmast, foretopsail, and maintop. Each of these words can be used in place of «topsail» to provide a variety of different options for expressing the same concept. With such a wide selection of synonyms, it’s easy to find the perfect word or phrase to suit any situation.