1. Permissive
2. Lenient
3. Indulgent
4. Patient
5. Accepting
6. Understanding
7. Broad-minded
8. Forbearing
9. Long-suffering
10. Easy-going
11. Liberal
12. Complaisant
13. Nonjudgmental
14. Uncritical
15. Magnanimous
16. Pliant
17. Compliant
18. Resigned
19. Unresisting
20. Compliant
21. Sympathetic
22. Compassionate
23. Open-minded
24. Amenable
25. Liberal-minded
26. Agreeable
27. Flexible
28. Tolerant-minded
29. Tolerating
30. Unbigoted

When looking for synonyms for «tolerant», there are many great ideas to choose from. Whether you are looking for the best words to use in a sentence or just trying to find a way to express yourself differently, these synonyms for tolerant can help. From «permissive» and «lenient» to «unbigoted» and «tolerant-minded», there are plenty of other words for tolerant that can help you express yourself in a variety of ways. Whether you are writing a formal essay or just trying to have a conversation, these synonyms for tolerant can help you express your ideas in a more articulate way.