1. Now
2. This day
3. Present
4. Current
5. This time
6. This moment
7. Instant
8. Immediate
9. This afternoon
10. This morning
11. Here and now
12. This hour
13. This instant
14. This juncture
15. This season
16. This second
17. This week
18. This year
19. This instant
20. This juncture
21. This point
22. This stage
23. This very day
24. This very hour
25. This very moment
26. This very second
27. This very week
28. This very year
29. This day and age
30. This present time

Are you looking for other words to describe the concept of «today»? There are many synonyms that can be used to refer to «today». Depending on the context, some of the best ideas include now, this day, present, current, this time, this moment, instant, immediate, this afternoon, this morning, here and now, this hour, this instant, this juncture, this season, this second, this week, this year, this point, this stage, this very day, this very hour, this very moment, this very second, this very week, this very year, this day and age, and this present time. Each of these words can be used to refer to the concept of «today» in different contexts.