1. Now
2. Immediate
3. Instantly
4. Prompt
5. At once
6. Quickly
7. Directly
8. At this moment
9. This second
10. Right away
11. This instant
12. Immediately
13. Instantly
14. Presently
15. Quick
16. Rapidly
17. Swiftly
18. Forthwith
19. Instanter
20. Instantly
21. Like a shot
22. Pronto
23. Quickly
24. Speedily
25. This minute
26. This moment
27. Today
28. Right now
29. In a jiffy
30. This very minute

Are you looking for synonyms for the word «TOD»? There are many great ideas for other words that can be used in place of this term. Some of the best synonyms for «TOD» include immediate, instantly, prompt, at once, quickly, directly, at this moment, this second, right away, this instant, and presently. Other words for «TOD» include quick, rapidly, swiftly, forthwith, instanter, like a shot, pronto, quickly, speedily, this minute, this moment, today, right now, in a jiffy, and this very minute. Using these synonyms for «TOD» can help to make your writing more interesting and diverse.