1. Fiddle
2. Fidget
3. Fuss
4. Tamper
5. Tinker with
6. Play
7. Adjust
8. Mess around
9. Fiddle with
10. Interfere
11. Tamp
12. Fiddle around
13. Manipulate
14. Fiddle about
15. Monkey around
16. Trifle
17. Fiddle about
18. Monkeying
19. Dabble
20. Tiddle
21. Tiddle-taddle
22. Tiddle-tamper
23. Fiddle-faddle
24. Fiddle-faddle around
25. Fiddle-fart around
26. Fiddle-fart
27. Fiddle-faddle about
28. Fiddle-faddle with
29. Fiddle-fart about
30. Trifle with

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