1. Himalayas
2. High Plateau
3. Roof of the World
4. Land of Snows
5. Shangri-La
6. Forbidden Kingdom
7. Third Pole
8. Autonomous Region of China
9. Xizang
10. Central Asian Region
11. Chinese Tibet
12. Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
13. Tibetan Plateau
14. Little Tibet
15. Tibetan Autonomous Region
16. Tibetan People’s Uprising Region
17. Xizang Autonomous Region
18. Tibet Autonomous Region
19. Tibet Area
20. Tibetan Region
21. Tibet Proper
22. U-Tsang
23. Amdo
24. Kham
25. Ngari
26. Chang Tang
27. Roof of the Himalayas
28. High Country
29. Little Himalayas
30. High Mountain Region

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