1. Legions
2. Multitude
3. Myriad
4. Innumerable
5. Host
6. Abundance
7. Ample
8. Plentiful
9. Copious
10. Profusion
11. Bounty
12. Multifarious
13. Ocean
14. Multiply
15. Multitudinal
16. Innate
17. Innumerous
18. Congeries
19. Flock
20. Collection
21. Troop
22. Swarms
23. Masses
24. Throng
25. Congregation
26. Array
27. Clusters
28. Crowds
29. Armada
30. Galaxy

Are you looking for synonyms for the word «THOUSANDS»? With so many different ways to express the same idea, it can be difficult to find the best words to use. Fortunately, there are plenty of ideas and other words for «THOUSANDS» that you can use to make your writing more dynamic. You could use words like «Legions,» «Multitude,» «Myriad,» «Innumerable,» or «Host» to express the same concept. Other words like «Abundance,» «Ample,» «Plentiful,» «Copious,» and «Profusion» can also be used to convey the same idea. If you’re looking for even more ideas, you can also use words like «Bounty,» «Multifarious,» «Ocean,» «Multiply,» or «Multitudinal.» By using these different words, you can create a more interesting and engaging text.