1. These
2. Those Ones
3. Such
4. Those Ones Over There
5. Those Folks
6. Those Yonder
7. Those People
8. Those Objects
9. Those Things
10. Those Individuals
11. Yonder Ones
12. Those Particulars
13. Such Ones
14. Those Specimens
15. Those Particular Ones
16. Those Particular People
17. Those Particular Objects
18. Those Particular Things
19. Those Specified
20. Those Specifics
21. Those Specified Ones
22. Those Specified People
23. Those Specified Objects
24. Those Specified Things
25. Those In Particular
26. Those In Specific
27. Such Particulars
28. Such Specifics
29. Such Specified Ones
30. Such Specified People

When searching for other words for «those», there are many great ideas that can help you find the best synonyms. Whether you need to find a single word or multiple words, there are plenty of synonyms that can be used. For example, instead of «those», you could use «these», «those ones», «such», «those ones over there», «those folks», «those yonder», «those people», «those objects», «those things», «those individuals», and «yonder ones». Additionally, you can also search for more specific words such as «those particulars», «such ones», «those specimens», «those particular ones», «those particular people», «those particular objects», «those particular things», «those specified», «those specifics», «those specified ones», «those specified people», «those specified objects», «those specified things», «those in particular», «those in specific», «such particulars», «such specifics», «such specified ones», and «such specified people». With these ideas, you can easily find the best synonyms for «those».