1. Burglars
2. Pilferers
3. Plunderers
4. Robbers
5. Larcenists
6. Swindlers
7. Pickpockets
8. Embezzlers
9. Cheats
10. Crooks
11. Muggers
12. Con Men
13. Bandits
14. Defrauders
15. Thieves-in-law
16. Swindlers
17. Brigands
18. Highwaymen
19. Hoodlums
20. Thugs
21. Pirates
22. Receivers
23. Fences
24. Racketeers
25. Filchers
26. Sap-suckers
27. Sneak thieves
28. Sharpers
29. Artful dodgers
30. Hooligans

When searching for another word for thieves, there are many ideas to consider. The best synonyms for thieves include burglars, pilferers, plunderers, robbers, larcenists, swindlers, pickpockets, embezzlers, cheats, crooks, muggers, con men, bandits, defrauders, thieves-in-law, brigands, highwaymen, hoodlums, thugs, pirates, receivers, fences, racketeers, filchers, sap-suckers, sneak thieves, sharpers, artful dodgers, and hooligans. These words are all appropriate when describing someone who commits theft or other criminal activities. It is important to consider the context in which the word is being used in order to choose the best synonym for thieves.