Synonyms for Thick:
1. Compact
2. Dense
3. Heavy
4. Stout
5. Substantial
6. Sturdy
7. Robust
8. Solid
9. Close
10. Packed
11. Tight
12. Intense
13. Concentrated
14. Thickened
15. Opaque
16. Glutinous
17. Viscous
18. Syrupy
19. Coarse
20. Massive
21. Bulky
22. Thick-set
23. Thickish
24. Thickset
25. Ponderous
26. Impenetrable
27. Thorough
28. Profound
29. Unctuous
30. Concentrated

Looking for synonyms for the word «thick»? There are many great ideas and other words for thick that can help you express yourself more clearly. From compact and dense to heavy and stout, there are a variety of synonyms for thick that you can use to add variety to your writing. If you’re looking for the best synonyms for thick, consider using words like solid, close, intense, concentrated, thickened, opaque, glutinous, and viscous. You can also use words like massive, bulky, thick-set, thickish, thickset, ponderous, impenetrable, thorough, profound, unctuous, and concentrated. With so many great synonyms for thick, you can find the perfect word to describe what you want to express.