Synonyms for Theseus:

1. Hero
2. Champion
3. Protector
4. Warrior
5. Fighter
6. Vanquisher
7. Conqueror
8. Conqueror of the Minotaur
9. Slayer
10. Avenger
11. Liberator
12. Liberator of Athens
13. Liberator of the Labyrinth
14. Hero of Athens
15. Hero of the Labyrinth
16. Victorious
17. Triumphant
18. Victorious one
19. Hero of Greek Mythology
20. Hero of the Ancient World
21. Mastermind
22. Strategist
23. Tactician
24. Saviour
25. Deliverer
26. Rescuer
27. Deliverer of Athens
28. Liberator of the Greek People
29. Liberator of the Aegean Region
30. Son of Poseidon

If you’re looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word «Theseus,» then you’ve come to the right place. Theseus was a hero of Greek mythology, known for his many feats and accomplishments. He was a warrior, a protector, a conqueror, and a liberator. He was the hero of Athens, the victor of the Minotaur, and the master of the Labyrinth. Other words for Theseus include hero, champion, protector, warrior, fighter, vanquisher, conqueror, slayer, avenger, liberator, victorious one, hero of the ancient world, mastermind, strategist, tactician, saviour, deliverer, rescuer, and son of Poseidon. All of these words are perfect for describing the great Theseus, and can be used to evoke the heroic qualities of this legendary figure.