1. Here
2. Yonder
3. Hither
4. Afar
5. Over
6. Amidst
7. Beside
8. Amid
9. Abreast
10. Astride
11. Circa
12. Close
13. Forth
14. In
15. Near
16. Nigh
17. On
18. Opposite
19. Out
20. Round
21. Around
22. Across
23. Adjacent
24. Among
25. Beneath
26. Within
27. Within reach
28. Everywhere
29. Everywhere around
30. All around

When looking for the best ideas for other words for the word “there”, it is important to consider the context of the sentence. Synonyms for “there” can range from words like “here” and “hither” to “near” and “nigh”. Depending on the context, the best idea might be to use words like “afar” or “opposite” to emphasize the distance or contrast between two points. Other words like “amidst”, “astride”, and “circa” can be used to indicate a more specific location. Depending on the situation, words like “beside”, “among”, and “beneath” can be used to express a more detailed description of the location. All of these words can be used to provide a more precise description of the location in a sentence.