1. Notion
2. Hypothesis
3. Postulate
4. Concept
5. Principle
6. Precept
7. Axiom
8. Maxim
9. Doctrine
10. Perspective
11. Construct
12. Tenet
13. Ideology
14. Proposal
15. Argument
16. Speculation
17. Hypothesize
18. Guiding Idea
19. Assumption
20. Impression
21. Conjecture
22. Impulse
23. Possibility
24. Intuition
25. Presumption
26. Inference
27. Insight
28. Premise
29. Conceptualization
30. Ideation

When it comes to finding the best synonyms for the word «theory», there are many ideas to explore. Whether you’re looking for another word for «theory», or other words for «theory», there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of the most popular synonyms for «theory» include notion, hypothesis, postulate, concept, principle, precept, axiom, maxim, doctrine, perspective, construct, tenet, ideology, proposal, argument, speculation, hypothesize, guiding idea, assumption, impression, conjecture, impulse, possibility, intuition, presumption, inference, insight, premise, conceptualization, and ideation. These synonyms can be used to express the same idea in different ways, making it easier to communicate complex concepts.