1. Speculative
2. Hypothetical
3. Postulated
4. Supposed
5. Conjectural
6. Imaginary
7. Assumed
8. Notional
9. Implied
10. Abstract
11. Theoretic
12. Ideational
13. Notional
14. Suppositional
15. Possible
16. Conceptual
17. Fanciful
18. Assumptive
19. Fictive
20. Speculative
21. Visionary
22. Suggested
23. Probable
24. Notional
25. Implicit
26. Assumed
27. Presumed
28. Hypothesized
29. Theoretic
30. Ideologic

When considering new ideas or solutions, it can be helpful to think about the theoretical implications of a given concept. Synonyms for the word “theoretical” can help to expand the scope of the discussion and bring new perspectives to the table. From “speculative” and “hypothetical” to “assumed” and “fanciful”, there are many other words for “theoretical” that can provide insight into the concept being discussed. Whether you are looking for the best ideas or just need to find other words for “theoretical”, these 30 synonyms provide a great starting point for any conversation.