1. Ecclesiastical
2. Dogmatic
3. Doctrinal
4. Scriptural
5. Credal
6. Canonical
7. Preceptive
8. Ritualistic
9. Sacerdotal
10. Divine
11. Clerical
12. Liturgical
13. Creedal
14. Priestly
15. Biblical
16. Devotional
17. Ritualized
18. Consecrated
19. Spiritual
20. Sacramental
21. Orthodox
22. Sacrosanct
23. Reverential
24. Esoteric
25. Pious
26. Sacrificial
27. Revealed
28. Apocalyptic
29. Prophetic
30. Sacerdotal

Searching for synonyms for the word “theological” can be a daunting task. Finding the best ideas for the right words can be difficult. Luckily, there are a variety of synonyms for “theological” that can be used, such as ecclesiastical, dogmatic, doctrinal, scriptural, credal, canonical, preceptive, ritualistic, sacerdotal, divine, clerical, liturgical, creedal, priestly, biblical, devotional, ritualized, consecrated, spiritual, sacramental, orthodox, sacrosanct, reverential, esoteric, pious, sacrificial, revealed, apocalyptic, prophetic, and sacerdotal. These words can be used to find other words for “theological” that can be used to accurately describe a given situation.