1. Them
2. Themselvesselves
3. Theirselves
4. Their own
5. They
6. Theirselves
7. Their selves
8. Their own selves
9. Themselves only
10. Their individual selves
11. By themselves
12. Independently
13. Autonomously
14. On their own
15. By their own
16. Alone
17. By one’s own
18. By one’s self
19. By their lonesome
20. Individually
21. By and by
22. Separately
23. Unaccompanied
24. Unaided
25. Unassisted
26. Unattended
27. Unescorted
28. Unaccompanied
29. Unprotected
30. Unsupported

When searching for synonyms for the word “themselves”, the best ideas are to look for words that convey the same idea of self-reliance and autonomy. There are many different words to choose from, including “them”, “theirselves”, “their own”, “they”, “theirselves”, “their own selves”, “themselves only”, and “their individual selves”. Other words for “themselves” include “by themselves”, “independently”, “autonomously”, “on their own”, “by their own”, “alone”, “by one’s own”, “by one’s self”, “by their lonesome”, “individually”, “by and by”, “separately”, “unaccompanied”, “unaided”, “unassisted”, “unattended”, “unescorted”, “unprotected”, and “unsupported”. Each of these words can be used to convey the same idea of self-reliance and autonomy.