1. Quiz
2. Examination
3. Assay
4. Probe
5. Analysis
6. Evaluation
7. Experiment
8. Inspection
9. Verification
10. Audit
11. Analysis
12. Inquiry
13. Assay
14. Scrutiny
15. Study
16. Check
17. Investigation
18. Trial
19. Evaluation
20. Verdict
21. Assessment
22. Research
23. Probe
24. Trial Run
25. Poll
26. Testimony
27. Verification
28. Appraisal
29. Examination
30. Scrutinize

When trying to find synonyms for the word “test”, there are many ideas and options to consider. There are a variety of different words that can be used to express the same concept, making it easier to communicate with others. Some of the best ideas for synonyms for “test” include quiz, examination, assay, probe, analysis, evaluation, experiment, inspection, verification, audit, inquiry, scrutiny, study, check, investigation, trial, verdict, assessment, research, trial run, poll, testimony, verification, appraisal, and scrutinize. These words all have similar meanings and can be used interchangeably when talking about testing something.