1. Dread
2. Panic
3. Fear
4. Horror
5. Alarm
6. Anxiety
7. Fright
8. Apprehension
9. Trepidation
10. Agitation
11. Distress
12. Unease
13. Consternation
14. Foreboding
15. Terrorization
16. Terrorfulness
17. Terrorization
18. Trembling
19. Trembleness
20. Terror-stricken
21. Terror-struck
22. Terror-provoking
23. Terror-inspiring
24. Terror-filled
25. Terror-evoking
26. Terror-inducing
27. Terror-causing
28. Terror-arousing
29. Terror-awakening
30. Terror-affrighting

Looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word “terror”? Look no further! Here are 30 synonyms you can use to replace the word “terror” in any writing. Dread, Panic, Fear, Horror, Alarm, Anxiety, Fright, Apprehension, Trepidation, Agitation, Distress, Unease, Consternation, Foreboding, Terrorization, Terrorfulness, Terrorization, Trembling, Trembleness, Terror-stricken, Terror-struck, Terror-provoking, Terror-inspiring, Terror-filled, Terror-evoking, Terror-inducing, Terror-causing, Terror-arousing, Terror-awakening, and Terror-affrighting are all great words to use in place of “terror”. Whether you’re writing a story, an essay, or a poem, these synonyms for terror will help you find the perfect words to express your ideas.