1. Inclination
2. Disposition
3. Propensity
4. Bent
5. Predilection
6. Bias
7. Veer
8. Drift
9. Impulse
10. Lean
11. Proclivity
12. Urge
13. Incline
14. Bias
15. Preference
16. Penchant
17. Inclination
18. Affinity
19. Attraction
20. Orientation
21. Proclivities
22. Preoccupation
23. Predisposition
24. Appetite
25. Orient
26. Inclined
27. Predispositions
28. Impulses
29. Predilections
30. Affinities

When searching for alternative words for «tendency,» there are plenty of choices. Whether you need to find the best synonym to use in a project or paper or you are simply curious about other words for «tendency,» you can find a wide range of options. Common synonyms include inclination, disposition, propensity, bent, predilection, bias, veer, drift, impulse, and lean. Other words for «tendency» include proclivity, urge, incline, preference, penchant, inclination, affinity, attraction, orientation, proclivities, preoccupation, predisposition, appetite, orient, inclined, predispositions, impulses, and predilections. With so many options to choose from, you can find the perfect word to express the idea you have in mind.