1. Abstinence
2. Abstemiousness
3. Control
4. Discretion
5. Frugality
6. Prudence
7. Restraint
8. Sobriety
9. Abnegation
10. Abstention
11. Abstinence
12. Asceticism
13. Austerity
14. Chastity
15. Continence
16. Denial
17. Discouragement
18. Discretion
19. Economy
20. Forebearance
21. Foresight
22. Fortitude
23. Moderation
24. Prudentiality
25. Reclusiveness
26. Renunciation
27. Reserve
28. Self-control
29. Self-denial
30. Temperateness

When you are looking for ideas for synonyms for the word “temperance”, there are many great options to choose from. Abstinence, abstemiousness, control, discretion, frugality, prudence, restraint, and sobriety are all excellent choices. Other words for temperance include abnegation, abstention, austerity, chastity, continence, denial, discouragement, economy, forebearance, foresight, fortitude, moderation, prudentiality, reclusiveness, renunciation, reserve, self-control, and self-denial. The best ideas for synonyms for temperance include temperateness, which is the act of being temperate. Temperance is the practice of self-restraint and moderation, and these synonyms can be used to describe this concept in a variety of ways.