1. Procedures
2. Strategies
3. Methods
4. Tactics
5. Processes
6. Practices
7. Approaches
8. Systems
9. Plans
10. Protocols
11. Modes
12. Formats
13. Styles
14. Ways
15. Regimens
16. Routines
17. Maneuvers
18. Regimes
19. Practices
20. Usages
21. Schemes
22. Designs
23. Formulae
24. Procedures
25. Plans of Action
26. Guidelines
27. Rules
28. Rules of Thumb
29. Precepts
30. Maxims

The best ideas for developing and implementing techniques to achieve success in any field are to use a variety of different synonyms. By utilizing words such as procedures, strategies, methods, tactics, processes, practices, approaches, systems, plans, protocols, modes, formats, styles, ways, regimens, routines, maneuvers, regimes, practices, usages, schemes, designs, formulae, plans of action, guidelines, rules, rules of thumb, precepts, and maxims, you can ensure that your techniques are as effective as possible. Whether you are looking to increase productivity, improve customer service, or find new solutions to problems, using the right words to describe your techniques is essential. With the right combination of synonyms, you can ensure that your techniques are up to date and effective.