1. Levy
2. Duty
3. Assessment
4. Contribution
5. Tribute
6. Impost
7. Excise
8. Tariff
9. Charge
10. Quota
11. Tolls
12. Surcharge
13. Subsidy
14. Dividend
15. Assessment
16. Apportionment
17. Deduction
18. Withholding
19. Obligation
20. Remittance
21. Revenue
22. Deduction
23. Exaction
24. Tithing
25. Subscription
26. Oblation
27. Custom
28. Impoundment
29. Duty
30. Tithe

When looking for other words for tax, there are many options to consider. Some of the best ideas include levy, duty, assessment, contribution, tribute, impost, excise, tariff, charge, quota, tolls, surcharge, subsidy, dividend, assessment, apportionment, deduction, withholding, obligation, remittance, revenue, deduction, exaction, tithing, subscription, oblation, custom, impoundment, duty, and tithe. These words all have similar meanings to tax and can be used when referring to taxation or financial obligations. Each one has its own unique nuance that can be used to convey the appropriate meaning in the right context. Additionally, these terms can be used to give a more sophisticated or technical feel to a discussion about taxes or financial obligations.