1. Acquisition
2. Merger
3. Buyout
4. Consolidation
5. Hostile takeover
6. Coup
7. Acquisition bid
8. Absorption
9. Purchase
10. Annexation
11. Assimilation
12. Assumption
13. Combination
14. Control
15. Dominance
16. Hostility
17. Invasion
18. Occupation
19. Preemption
20. Raid
21. Seizure
22. Squeeze-out
23. Subjugation
24. Supremacy
25. Swallow
26. Take-in
27. Usurpation
28. Victory
29. Conquest
30. Annex

When looking for the best ideas for a takeover, it is important to consider the most common synonyms for this term. Some of the most popular synonyms for takeover include acquisition, merger, buyout, consolidation, hostile takeover, and coup. Other words for takeover include absorption, purchase, annexation, assumption, combination, control, dominance, hostility, invasion, occupation, preemption, raid, seizure, squeeze-out, subjugation, supremacy, swallow, take-in, usurpation, victory, conquest, and annex. Each of these words and phrases has a different meaning and can be used to describe a takeover in a variety of contexts. It is important to consider the implications of each of these words and phrases before making a decision. By considering all of the available options, it is possible to make the best decision regarding a takeover.