1. Accept
2. Acquire
3. Adopt
4. Annex
5. Capture
6. Carry
7. Catch
8. Comprehend
9. Convey
10. Grasp
11. Grip
12. Have
13. Hold
14. Lift
15. Obtain
16. Receive
17. Retain
18. Snatch
19. Secure
20. Seize
21. Snare
22. Swallow
23. Take in
24. Take over
25. Take up
26. Tote
27. Transport
28. Usurp
29. Win
30. Withdraw

Finding the best synonyms for the word “take” can be a challenge. Whether you’re writing a story, essay, or article, having a good understanding of these words can help make your writing more interesting and engaging. Some of the best ideas for synonyms of “take” include accept, acquire, adopt, annex, capture, carry, catch, comprehend, convey, grasp, grip, have, hold, lift, obtain, receive, retain, snatch, secure, seize, snare, swallow, take in, take over, take up, tote, transport, usurp, win, and withdraw. Using these synonyms can help you write in a more sophisticated and interesting way.