1. Co-ordination
2. Timing
3. Alignment
4. Matching
5. Harmonizing
6. Unison
7. Consonance
8. Agreement
9. Unity
10. Concord
11. Correlation
12. Coincidence
13. Compatibility
14. Symmetry
15. Congruence
16. Coinciding
17. Consonancy
18. Symmetricality
19. Correspondence
20. Coinciding
21. Parallelism
22. Accommodation
23. Arrangement
24. Interrelation
25. Melding
26. Rhythm
27. Coherence
28. Merging
29. Synergy
30. Congruity

Finding the best synonyms for the word «synchronization» can be challenging. There are many ideas for alternative words to use, but it can be difficult to know which ones are the best. Fortunately, there are a variety of options to choose from, such as co-ordination, timing, alignment, matching, harmonizing, unison, consonance, agreement, unity, concord, correlation, coincidence, compatibility, symmetry, congruence, coinciding, consonancy, symmetricality, correspondence, parallelism, accommodation, arrangement, interrelation, melding, rhythm, coherence, merging, synergy, and congruity. All of these words are great alternatives to «synchronization» and can be used to convey the same meaning.