1. Indicators
2. Manifestations
3. Signs
4. Clues
5. Expressions
6. Indications
7. Traits
8. Prognostics
9. Outcomes
10. Consequences
11. Results
12. Effects
13. Indicants
14. Evidences
15. Marks
16. Portents
17. Evidences
18. Warnings
19. Forebodings
20. Omens
21. Eruptions
22. Traces
23. Appearances
24. Concomitants
25. Phenomena
26. Demonstrations
27. Reactions
28. Telltale signs
29. Demonstrations
30. Harbingers

When it comes to finding synonyms for the word «symptoms», the best ideas are to look for words that describe the signs and indicators of a condition or illness. Other words for symptoms may include indicators, manifestations, signs, clues, expressions, indications, traits, prognostics, outcomes, consequences, results, effects, indicants, evidences, marks, portents, warnings, forebodings, omens, eruptions, traces, appearances, concomitants, phenomena, demonstrations, reactions, telltale signs, and harbingers. All of these words can be used to describe the same thing: the physical or mental signs of a condition or illness. Knowing these synonyms can help you better understand and communicate the symptoms of any given condition or illness.