Synonyms for «SWEET»:
1. Delicious
2. Succulent
3. Tasty
4. Luscious
5. Flavorful
6. Palatable
7. Scrumptious
8. Appetizing
9. Delectable
10. Savory
11. Sugary
12. Yummy
13. Ambrosial
14. Ambrosian
15. Delightful
16. Heavenly
17. Nectarous
18. Pleasing
19. Satisfying
20. Suave
21. Sugared
22. Syrupy
23. Toothsome
24. Ambrosial
25. Ambrosian
26. Fragrant
27. Honeyed
28. Luscious
29. Sweetened
30. Syrupy

Finding the right words to express yourself can be difficult. Whether you’re writing a paper for school or a blog post, having a list of synonyms for the word «sweet» can be a great resource. From delicious to sugary, there are many different ways to say something is sweet. Here are the best ideas and other words for «sweet»: delicious, succulent, tasty, luscious, flavorful, palatable, scrumptious, appetizing, delectable, savory, sugary, yummy, ambrosial, ambrosian, delightful, heavenly, nectarous, pleasing, satisfying, suave, sugared, syrupy, toothsome, fragrant, honeyed, sweetened, and syrupy. These synonyms for «sweet» can help you find the perfect word to express your ideas.