1. Poll
2. Questionnaire
3. Evaluation
4. Analysis
5. Study
6. Count
7. Check
8. Canvass
9. Assay
10. Scrutiny
11. Appraisal
12. Examination
13. Probe
14. Critique
15. Research
16. Inventory
17. Measurement
18. Test
19. Audit
20. Delineation
21. Counting
22. Study
23. Review
24. Scrutinize
25. Assess
26. Exploration
27. Analysis
28. Estimate
29. Investigation
30. Assessment

When searching for another word for “survey”, the best ideas include poll, questionnaire, evaluation, analysis, study, count, check, canvass, assay, and scrutiny. These synonyms can be used in many different situations, such as when trying to collect data or opinion from a group of people. For example, a survey can be used to gauge public opinion on a particular issue or to measure customer satisfaction with a product or service. Polls, questionnaires, and evaluations are all tools used to collect data, while analysis, study, count, and check can be used to review the results. Canvass, assay, and scrutiny are more specialized terms used to evaluate or analyze data. Regardless of the term used, these synonyms all refer to the same concept of collecting data or opinion from a group of people.