1. Astonishing
2. Shocking
3. Unexpected
4. Astounding
5. Startling
6. Remarkable
7. Stunning
8. Striking
9. Unforeseen
10. Unanticipated
11. Unbelievable
12. Marvelous
13. Spectacular
14. Extraordinary
15. Stupendous
16. Staggering
17. Bewildering
18. Incredible
19. Awe-inspiring
20. Eye-opening
21. Jaw-dropping
22. Mind-blowing
23. Astonied
24. Stupefying
25. Perplexing
26. Astounishing
27. Unimaginable
28. Unthinkabe
29. Unprecedented
30. Incomprehensible

When it comes to finding the best synonyms for the word ‘surprising’, there are many ideas to choose from. Whether you’re looking for another word for ‘surprising’, or other words to express the same sentiment, there are plenty of options. Astonishing, shocking, unexpected, astounding, and striking are just a few of the synonyms for ‘surprising’. Other great ideas include remarkable, stunning, unforeseen, unanticipated, and unbelievable. There are also more creative words to choose from such as stupendous, staggering, bewildering, incredible, and awe-inspiring. No matter what word you choose to express surprise, there is an abundance of options to choose from.