1. Exploded
2. Soared
3. Skyrocketed
4. Swelled
5. Burgeoned
6. Climbed
7. Leaped
8. Ascended
9. Accelerated
10. Fluctuated
11. Augmented
12. Mounted
13. Amplified
14. Progressed
15. Magnified
16. Intensified
17. Sprang
18. Grew
19. Jumped
20. Boosted
21. Spiked
22. Flowed
23. Inflated
24. Mutated
25. Strengthened
26. Increased
27. Upped
28. Raised
29. Rallied
30. Spiraled

Searching for synonyms for the word ‘surged’ can be a daunting task. With so many possible words to choose from, it can be hard to know which synonym best suits your needs. To make it easier, here are the best ideas and other words for ‘surged’ that you can use in your writing. Exploded, Soared, Skyrocketed, Swelled, Burgeoned, Climbed, Leaped, Ascended, Accelerated, Fluctuated, Augmented, Mounted, Amplified, Progressed, Magnified, Intensified, Sprang, Grew, Jumped, Boosted, Spiked, Flowed, Inflated, Mutated, Strengthened, Increased, Upped, Raised, Rallied, and Spiraled are all excellent synonyms for ‘surged’. Each of these words carries the same meaning as ‘surged’ and can be used to convey the same message. Whether you’re writing a research paper or a creative piece of writing, these synonyms for ‘surged’ can help make your work more interesting and dynamic.