1. Over
2. Above
3. Beyond
4. On top of
5. Across
6. Up
7. Ascend
8. High
9. Uplift
10. Rise
11. Top
12. Peak
13. Upward
14. Elevate
15. Overhead
16. High-up
17. Mount
18. Transcend
19. Prevalent
20. Hegemony
21. Ascendancy
22. Ascendence
23. Predominance
24. Superimpose
25. Overarch
26. Ascendant
27. Outstrip
28. Overrule
29. Overbear
30. Overpower

When looking for another word for ‘sur’, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you need a single word or a phrase, there are several ideas that can help you express the same sentiment. Synonyms such as ‘over’, ‘above’, and ‘beyond’ are all great alternatives to ‘sur’. Other words such as ‘on top of’, ‘across’, and ‘up’ can also be used to convey the same meaning. For more creative ideas, words like ‘ascend’, ‘high’, and ‘uplift’ can be used to add an extra layer of depth to your writing. The best ideas come from combining multiple synonyms together, such as ‘elevate’, ‘overhead’, and ‘high-up’. For a more powerful effect, words like ‘mount’, ‘transcend’, and ‘prevalent’ can be used to express a sense of dominance. Finally, words like ‘ascendancy’, ‘ascendence’, and ‘predominance’ are great for conveying a sense of superiority. With so many options, finding the perfect synonym for ‘sur’ is easy.