1. Censor
2. Stifle
3. Muzzle
4. Subdue
5. Repress
6. Inhibit
7. Refrain
8. Restrain
9. Curb
10. Quash
11. Squelch
12. Subjugate
13. Supplant
14. Submerge
15. Extinguish
16. Stem
17. Smother
18. Nullify
19. Check
20. Obstruct
21. Curtail
22. Hold back
23. Repress
24. Quench
25. Silence
26. Shut down
27. Quelch
28. Bottleneck
29. Repress
30. Subdue

When looking for other words for «suppress», it is important to consider the context in which it is being used. Synonyms for «suppress» can range from mild to strong depending on the situation. For example, words like «censor» and «muzzle» are often used to describe a strong form of suppression, while words like «refrain» and «restrain» are used to describe a more subtle form of suppression. In addition, words like «subdue» and «subjugate» are often used to describe a forceful form of suppression. Whatever the context, these 30 synonyms for «suppress» provide the best ideas for expressing the concept of suppression in a variety of ways.