1. Provisioning
2. Allotting
3. Furnishing
4. Affording
5. Endowing
6. Contributing
7. Granting
8. Presenting
9. Offering
10. Vending
11. Delivering
12. Supplying
13. Furnishing
14. Donating
15. Bestowing
16. Distributing
17. Allowing
18. Partaking
19. Yielding
20. Imparting
21. Granting
22. Furnishing
23. Handing
24. Serving
25. Proffering
26. Apportioning
27. Allocating
28. Supplying
29. Contributing
30. Bestowing

When looking for an alternative word for supplying, there are many great ideas to consider. Synonyms such as provisioning, allotting, furnishing, affording, endowing, contributing, granting, presenting, and offering can all be used to express the same meaning. Other words such as vending, delivering, donating, bestowing, distributing, allowing, and partaking are all great options as well. For the best ideas, yielding, imparting, handing, serving, proffering, apportioning, allocating, and contributing are all excellent choices. With so many great synonyms, it is easy to find the perfect word for any situation.