1. Overview
2. Outline
3. Compendium
4. Digest
5. Recap
6. Abstract
7. Synopsis
8. Recapitulation
9. Précis
10. Briefing
11. Synoptic
12. Recapitulate
13. Brief
14. Rundown
15. Summary Statement
16. Condensation
17. Recapitulize
18. Summary Report
19. Synopsize
20. Abstracting
21. Laconic
22. Resume
23. Summary Analysis
24. Overviewing
25. Recapitulatory
26. Abstraction
27. Recapitulating
28. Summarizing
29. Summarization
30. Summary Sketch

When searching for the best ideas to succinctly summarize a large amount of information, synonyms for the word “summary” can be a great way to quickly and accurately convey the main points. Synonyms such as overview, outline, compendium, digest, recap, abstract, synopsis, recapitulation, précis, and briefing are just a few of the many words that can be used to effectively summarize a large body of information. Additionally, words such as rundown, summary statement, condensation, recapitulize, summary report, synopsize, abstracting, laconic, resume, summary analysis, overviewing, recapitulatory, summarizing, summarization, and summary sketch are all great alternatives to the word summary. When looking for the best ideas to quickly and accurately summarize a large body of information, synonyms for the word “summary” can be a great way to convey the main points in a concise and effective manner.