1. Proposal
2. Proposition
3. Recommendation
4. Advice
5. Plan
6. Hint
7. Inspiration
8. Notion
9. Prescription
10. Hint
11. Hunch
12. Impulse
13. Clue
14. Precept
15. Proposition
16. Proposal
17. Idea
18. Intimation
19. Directive
20. Urging
21. Proposition
22. Recommendation
23. Suggestiveness
24. Inference
25. Conjecture
26. Endorsement
27. Tip
28. Incentive
29. Hint
30. Exhortation

When it comes to finding the best ideas, synonyms for the word «suggestion» can be incredibly helpful. Whether brainstorming with colleagues or seeking out a new perspective, having a list of other words for suggestion can be a great starting point. From proposals and propositions to recommendations and advice, there are many ways to express the same concept. Additionally, words like plan, hint, inspiration, notion, prescription, hunch, impulse, clue, precept, and idea can all be used to convey a suggestion. Other words for suggestion that can be used include intimation, directive, urging, suggestiveness, inference, conjecture, endorsement, tip, incentive, exhortation, and more. When looking for creative solutions, synonyms for suggestion can be a great resource.