1. Propose
2. Advocate
3. Put forward
4. Recommend
5. Offer
6. Hint
7. Advise
8. Urge
9. Proffer
10. Insinuate
11. Allude
12. Implore
13. Imply
14. Submit
15. Moot
16. Float
17. Pose
18. Nominate
19. Expound
20. Conjecture
21. Prescribe
22. Propound
23. Infer
24. Propose
25. Put forth
26. Invent
27. Ventilate
28. Promulgate
29. Suggestion
30. Hint at

Finding the best ideas for your project can be difficult, but having the right synonyms for “suggest” can help you come up with the best solutions. Using words like propose, advocate, put forward, recommend, offer, hint, advise, urge, proffer, insinuate and allude can help you articulate your ideas in a more professional and clear way. Other words for “suggest” like imply, submit, moot, float, pose, nominate, expound, conjecture, prescribe, propound, infer, invent, ventilate, promulgate, suggestion and hint at can help you make your ideas more precise and accurate. With the help of these synonyms you can come up with the best ideas for your project in no time.