1. Ballot
2. Right to Vote
3. Poll
4. Election
5. Franchise
6. Vote
7. Voice
8. Voice in the Election
9. Voting Rights
10. Suffrage Movement
11. Polling
12. Popular Vote
13. Polling Booth
14. Electoral College
15. Popular Sovereignty
16. Democracy
17. Representation
18. Representation in the Election
19. Electorate
20. Political Participation
21. Constitutional Right
22. Right to Elect
23. Polling Station
24. Polling Place
25. Political Power
26. Polling Day
27. Vote Casting
28. Vote Counting
29. Polling Results
30. Popular Will

When searching for synonyms for the word «suffrage», there are many ideas to consider. The best synonyms to use are those that accurately describe the concept of the right to vote. Examples of these words include ballot, right to vote, poll, election, franchise, vote, voice, and voting rights. Additionally, words such as suffrage movement, polling, popular vote, polling booth, electoral college, popular sovereignty, democracy, representation, electorate, political participation, constitutional right, right to elect, polling station, polling place, political power, polling day, vote casting, vote counting, polling results, and popular will all accurately describe the concept of suffrage. Each of these words can be used to effectively communicate the same idea in different ways.